kidsmentalhealthAll parents and guardians of children with mental and behavioral health challenges need hope.

Learning and Leadership Academy (LLA):

FAVOR’s Learning & Leadership Academy is a virtual learning collaborative designed to provide infrastructure to guide and mentor youth and family champions interested in developing their leadership and peer support skills.

FAVOR’s asynchronous virtual Learning & Leadership Academy allows school and community communication through online training participation. Understanding the professional juggling, work, family planning and scheduling, participants can access trainings and discussions live through ZOOM. FAVOR’s virtual Learning & Leadership Academy is convenient and promotes community learning and reflection.

Trainings Offerred:

      • How To Be Your Child’s Best Advocate/Como Ser El/La Mejor Defensor/a De Su Hijo/a
      • Agents of Change
      • Persuasive Storytelling
      • Data Training Series
      • CONNECTing Youth
      • Support Group Facilitation and Financial Management